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Originally founded under the name of TSI Southeast in 1989, TSI Southeast changed its name in 1991 to Basic Energy which is still operating today. In 2011 Basic Energy, Inc. was formed as a parent holding company in the State of Wyoming.  Basic Energy, Inc. is now operating subsidiary companies specializing in turnkey projects that can drop monthly utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions by 15% to 70% or more.  Basic Energy is an Affiliate Member of EnergyEDGEŽ Partners, Inc (A Florida non-profit) and is an Authorized Contractor/Vendor for system upgrades recommended in the certification process for EnergyFILEŽ which is now under development.

Basic Energy Companies can offer financing options that will eliminate the need for out-of-pocket expenses so you can enjoy positive cash flow right from the start. The introduction of Basic Energy's "Lend Lease Program", "WaranteePLUS" Program, and quality "Cost Segregation" Program puts them on the leading edge towards outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our customer services include pre-engineering overview reports, value engineering, light grounding systems, and construction permitting including construction services.  Safety and security integrating services also help in final adjustment of ROI.

Basic Energy's initial strategy is concentrate on Exterior Lighting, using LED, electronic HID, and INDUCTION technologies.  Universal Energy Controllers for commercial applications can save up to an additional 18% of electricity and is also be a big part of our customer offering services.  Basic Energy believes that by keeping the Capital offering lower with a higher ROI (Return on Investment) will make the decision process for Customers easier.

Basic Energy also expects to become a major participant within the solar industry. Ken Krantz, Founder & CEO of Basic Energy’s parent company, believes that Solar is also becoming a viable energy producing technology. “I believe that the best time and place to install solar technology is at the point of use and only when the Sweet Spot has been achieved within the building envelope. Adding a solar system will only become financially rational after the Sweet Spot has been achieved and this will ultimately put the existing building/facility in the position of what we call backward power metering.”